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Dato Han Chee Rull

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)
Chief Research Officer, Office of Legal Research, Office of the Chief Commissioner

Area of Responsibility:

Investigation / supervision of investigations at the Headquarters level. The scrutiny of investigation papers and   submission of investigations papers to the Public Prosecutor. Discussions with the Public Prosecutors on cases as and when required. Tabling of the results / decisions of the public prosecutors to the Operation Review Panel on a quarterly basis.

        Conducting training& lecturing duties to both local and international participants in areas of investigation/ management of investigation and enforcement issues. Development of input for Effective Investigation Management modules for MACC officers. Conducts reviews and improvements with regards standard operating procedures in investigation. Current tasks encompasses research on Legal matters/ anti-corruption issues and public engagement with civil society relating to anti-corruption work.

Cases handled: 

Experienced in, planning, handling and execution of cases of trap (entrapment) of corrupt offenders, cases of criminal breach of trusts, and offences involving conflict of interest/misuse of power.  Was the lead investigator for the “perwaja case” a case that took 7 years of investigation spanning the countries of Hong Kong, Japan and Switzerland. Was one of the 4 investigators appointed by His Royal Highness The King to assist the Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate a case of “ The Nude Video Squat” which case relates to a woman detainee, who was made to strip at a police station” which incident was secretly video recorded, subsequently which went viral. The findings of the enquiry resulted in a total revamp of the police procedure and amendments to the criminal procedure code with regards to body search by enforcement bodies.


Areas of Experience:

  1. Mutual legal assistance and cross border investigations; and
  2. Application of MLA in Court trials.