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Wednesday, September 2

10:00 GMT+08

Welcome to the Hack Shop
Got a problem technology can solve?

We welcome participants to come by and pitch problems/share data sets with the coders and data visualisation experts in the Technology Hub.

If you come by any time and speak with the experts, maybe they'll be able to hack away at your problem and create some solutions during the 3 conference days.

avatar for Lesedi Bewlay

Lesedi Bewlay

Regional coordinator for Southern Africa, The Engine Room (Civil Society)
Lesedi is an entrepreneur with a background in computer science, non-governmental organizations and a strong interest in social change. Currently based in Botswana, Lesedi is working with the engine room to design plans and guidelines for the roll out of the matchbox project in Southern... Read More →

Session Moderators
avatar for Karolis Granickas

Karolis Granickas

Transparency International Lithuania
Karolis Granickas is from Lithuania. He joined TI Lithuania in January 2011 and is responsible for coordinating initiatives related to public involvement in the decision making process. Also, currently Karolis works as an Expert on open government data and ePSI platform Correspondent... Read More →

avatar for Ingrida Palaimaitė

Ingrida Palaimaitė

Project Coordinator, Transparency International Lithuania
Ingrida joined the TI Lithuania team in 2013 as a volunteer, and since 2014 as a project coordinator. She is in charge of coordinating TI Lithuania youth engagement initiatives, such as Transparency International School on Integrity, which is the largest 7-day long anti-corruption... Read More →

Wednesday September 2, 2015 10:00 - 13:30 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8

18:00 GMT+08

Open City: how to use technology to engage citizens?
Open City means that the city is committed to transparency, it is accountable and it promotes civic participation. The session will showcase good-practice examples of how to engage citizens into municipal politics. 

avatar for Aradhya Malhotra

Aradhya Malhotra

Co-founder, Skyless Games
Co-founder of Skyless Game Studios: we create video games to engage and educate people about major world issues. One of our key areas of focus is corruption and transparency and our aim is to elicit a strong reaction that will inspire people to act.
avatar for Rugilė Trumpytė

Rugilė Trumpytė

Transparency International Lithuania
Rugile Trumpyte is from Lithuania. She has been leading numerous anti-corruption projects on access to information, media accountability and ethics, transparency in private and public sectors. Rugile joined TI in 2011, she is also a member of the selection committee of the program... Read More →

Wednesday September 2, 2015 18:00 - 20:00 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8
Thursday, September 3

09:00 GMT+08

What you need to know about Open Data
Heard a lot about open data lately, but not sure what the fuzz is all about? Come to the training that will introduce basics of open data: standards, terminology, reuse methods etc. accompanied with good practice examples. Participants will be invited to share their experience, feel free to bring data sets if you'd like to explore working with coders and data vis experts on the spot.

avatar for Eric Barrett

Eric Barrett

Executive Director, JumpStart Georgia
Eric hails from Houston, Texas. In 2005 he moved to Tbilisi to study and found a home. Since then he has worked with a variety of local organizations, including Transparency International Georgia. Since 2011, he has directed JumpStart Georgia with the goal of pushing the boundaries... Read More →
avatar for Nisha Thompson

Nisha Thompson

Director, Data{Meet}, Datameet
Nisha Thompson has a background in online community organizing. She has worked for the Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC, with online communities to use US government data to hold elected officials accountable. She moved to Bangalore in October 2010 where contributed to a re... Read More →

Thursday September 3, 2015 09:00 - 10:30 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8

11:30 GMT+08

Using technology to monitor public finances & illegal logging
Not only but also featuring TIMBY (This is My Backyard), a suite of interconnected digital tools that help teams tackle complex problems with unparalleled speed and security. 

avatar for Elena Calistru

Elena Calistru

Co-founder, Funky Citizens
avatar for Anjali Nayar

Anjali Nayar

Founder, TIMBY
Anjali is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker with over 10 years of experience reporting from the Global South. In addition to founding TIMBY, Anjali has worked for Nature, Reuters, the BBC, CBC and Al Jazeera and is the director of the documentary film Gun Runners (2016) and... Read More →
avatar for Georg Neumann

Georg Neumann

Head of Communications, Open Contracting Partnership
Open contracting is collaborating, communicating and using technology for innovating development – all of which have been a focus of Georg’s professional career prior to joining the Open Contracting Partnership where he manages communication and advocacy. At the Inter-American... Read More →

Thursday September 3, 2015 11:30 - 13:00 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8

16:30 GMT+08

Money and Politics: how to use technology to monitor political party financing?
Money & politics are indispensable to each other. To properly monitor politics it is important to see where the money behind it comes from and goes to. Can technology help in this regard? Certainly. Listen to success stories and insights from Georgia, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine and elsewhere. 

avatar for Mathias Huter

Mathias Huter

Executive Director, Forum Informationsfreiheit
With Forum Informationsfreiheit, I advocate for the Right to Information and more transparency in Austrian politics and administration. We are currently working to launch Parteispenden.at, a website keeping track of the finances of Austrian parties. I also work as a consultant on... Read More →
avatar for Jiri Skuhrovec

Jiri Skuhrovec

Head, Econlab
Czech economist, programmer. Leads projects monitoring political party financing (politickefinance.cz) or public procurement (zindex.cz). Founder of Econlab - Czech NGO focusing on data-driven policy analyses, advisor for open data on Czech Ministry of Finance, active researcher at Charles University... Read More →

Thursday September 3, 2015 16:30 - 18:00 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8
Friday, September 4

09:00 GMT+08

How to use technology to monitor political corruption?
This session looks at how online tools can help in the fight against corruption: lobbying, revolving doors, conflicts of interest… EU Integrity Watch allows users to monitor their elected officials for outside activities and potential conflicts of interest. It also provides a powerful overview of Lobbying in Brussels.
The European Corruption Observatory is a comprehensive database tracking media stories from across the 28 EU member states.

avatar for Alison Coleman

Alison Coleman

Project Coordinator, Transparency International EU Liaison Office
Alison is the Project Coordinator for the European Corruption Observatory, an online database of media reports on corruption and a meeting point for journalists, hackers, experts and all those interested in corruption.
avatar for Daniel Freund

Daniel Freund

Head of Advocacy EU Integrity, Transparency International EU
Daniel Freund leads Transparency International's work on the integrity of the EU institutions. He is responsible for EU Integrity Watch (www.integritywatch.eu), as well as the work on legislative transparency, conflicts of interest, lobbying, revolving doors and the legislative footprint... Read More →

Friday September 4, 2015 09:00 - 10:30 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8

11:30 GMT+08

What you must know about online security & privacy?
Why should you care about security? You probably use internet and have exponentially growing numbers of footprints everywhere online. That makes you a potential victim of a cyber fraud - one of the fastest growing forms of crime in the world.  
Come to the session and learn about the basics of safe behavior online. 

avatar for Lesedi Bewlay

Lesedi Bewlay

Regional coordinator for Southern Africa, The Engine Room (Civil Society)
Lesedi is an entrepreneur with a background in computer science, non-governmental organizations and a strong interest in social change. Currently based in Botswana, Lesedi is working with the engine room to design plans and guidelines for the roll out of the matchbox project in Southern... Read More →

Friday September 4, 2015 11:30 - 13:00 GMT+08
Technology Hub * Hall 8

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